Oakham Artistic Gymnastics | INFORMATION
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If your Eighteen or over adult gymnastics provides a new opportunity to try out an amazing sport. You can test yourself in a range of different activities and by building your strength, flexibility, coordination you’ll see your performance improve in other sports as well.


It might be your first handstand, first cartwheel or first time in a Gymnastic Hall. Our Adult session cater for all abilities from first timers to ex competition gymnasts. There is a big social element to Adult Gymnastics and in our classes, we encourage you not to take yourself to seriously and to have fun, enjoy the learning experience and encourage each other. If you are just starting your gymnastic career you will learn the basic moves and how to perform them on the different apparatus such as the Beam, Vault, Bars and Trampolines. With some help from our fully trained coaches we will aid you with the correct progressions to achieve whatever goal you set yourself.



Don’t worry we are not going to ask you to dig out your old Leotard and shorts (well unless you want to), please arrive in adequate sports gear which allows you to move freely without being restricted or the other way to baggy and loose where it might catch on something, bare feet is advised although we do allow socks with grips on the bottom. We have an no jewellery policy where you will need to remove Earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings (wedding rings can be worn although have to be taped, we do recommend removing them however to reduce any harm or breakages (misshapen) which may occur.

At present we only have 1 session running for Adult Gymnastics on a Monday evening 7-8pm.

To begin with we offer you two trail sessions at £5 per session.


On the third session you will need to become a member with us and British Gymnastics.  OAGA membership for Adults is £10per year and starts from September to August.  Please find our membership documents in the Adult drop down box labelled Adult Forms.


British Gymnastics Membership/Insurance – All gymnasts require BG membership (bronze)   To see what this includes please see the British Gymnastics website.  This is required before your third session and is your insurance while you are in the Gymnastic Hall.


We offer two different price options for Adult Gymnastics – We work our timetable by 6 weeks. If you are able to commit yourself to the 6 weeks the total cost for that term is £33 (no refund will be given or transferred over for missed sessions) this works out at £5.50 a session.

If you are uncertain if you can attend every week we do have a pay as you go option. The pay as you go option is £6.50 a session.


We generally do not have a waiting list for Adult classes and if you are interested in giving gymnastics a go please e-mail us at Oakhamgymnastics@hotmail.co.uk