Oakham Artistic Gymnastics | INFORMATION
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We run a variety of classes during the week for Recreational classes, from Girls only groups, Boys only groups, mixed groups and Teenage classes, we do run competition* classes but these are by invitation only.


Starting out at O.A.G.A we offer two trial sessions at £7 per session. On the third session if your child wishes to continue you will need to become a member with us and British Gymnastics.  OAGA membership is £15per year and starts from September to August ( this is pro-rated when joining throughout the year).  Please find our membership documents in the Classes drop down box labelled downloads.

British Gymnastics Membership/Insurance – All gymnasts require BG membership (bronze)   To see what this includes please see the British Gymnastics website.  This is required before your third session and is your childs insurance while in the Gymnastic Hall. Please see on the home page for the link to British Gymnastics to make your child a member.


We work on a 6 week term here at OAGA and all payments are made by a 6 week block booking this works out at £42.00 for 6 weeks. (no refunds will be given or transferred over for missed sessions) Please see a list of our term dates on the Forms page.


We do have a club leotard and Boy Outfit which we ask all the gymnasts to wear, but when first attending our club we recommend all gymnasts wear shorts and t-shirt (no crop tops please) all long hair must be tied back and no Large hair pieces or headbands/ Clips to be worn. It is bare feet in the gym and we do ask no nail polish be worn on the fingers or toes. All jewellery must be removed. Newly pierced ears are allowed tape over them for the first 6 weeks and then tape and earring must be removed.

Please do bare in mind we do have some equipment (Airtrack) that even with taped ears gymnasts will not be allowed on.



Lots of children get verruca’s growing up but in the gym with so many children in bare feet it can seem inevitable however we try our best to limit these. Tape or plasters or verruca’s do not work in the gym, as the gymnasts work hard and get sweaty the plasters tend to slip off.  So to keep contamination to a minimum we advise all gymnasts who have verruca’s to make sure they get them treated and then wear a non slip sock such as a swim sock during the sessions